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Curious about the impact of our training services? Let our clients do the talking. Discover the heartfelt stories, glowing testimonials, and remarkable transformations straight from those who have witnessed their dogs evolve into vigilant protectors under our guidance. From enhancing security to forging unbreakable bonds, our clients' experiences shed light on the unparalleled benefits of our training approach.


Dive into a world of firsthand accounts that showcase the exceptional journey your dog – and you – are about to embark upon with Pyramid K9's Dog Training.


USD 2,250 - 2,750

Basic obedience on & off leash


Our comprehensive training program is designed to help you build a strong foundation of communication and understanding with your furry companion. Whether you're a first-time dog owner or looking to reinforce your dog's skills, our expert trainers are here to guide you through essential commands, leash manners, and behavioral techniques. Join us on this rewarding journey towards a well-behaved and happy canine companion.


USD 2,750 - 3,500

Advanced Obedience on & off leash


A trained dog often enjoys a more fulfilling life. They can accompany you to more places, participate in activities, and have a sense of purpose. Training instills confidence and allows them to be well-adjusted members of your household.


On request

Personal Protection

We are here to empower your canine companion to become your ultimate safeguard. Discover the specialized training techniques that will transform your loyal friend into a formidable protector. 

Imagine walking confidently through life with your four-legged guardian by your side, ready to defend at a moment’s notice. We employ proven methods to shape your dog into the ultimate protector while maintaining their loyal and loving nature. 

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